Best dry and wet mop reviews india 2016

Post my rant the other day on the maids and other challenges for home makers I have got a lot of requests on what I use to make my life easier when I am cleaning my home, which also means that I do not use the old duster cloth or the usual trick of using the old towel etc at home and make it into a pocha. We used to do that a lot in my home when we were young. Times have changed as well as now in the market you will get all sorts of duster cloths and wiping cloths as well. read on for the best dry and wet mop reviews India and give me your perspective as well.

The challenge with the using only the cloth is that you will need to bend to wet the cloth, then rinse it and then even to wipe the floor. Even though I exercise a lot I am not sure I will be able to bend my back that easily and then sit down on the floor and wipe the floors clean. I can do this for a small stretch but not for the entire floor at home. This prompted me to look for a solution that was to replace the traditional “pocha” with a mop. And instead using a bucket separately and carrying the bucket all around the home I have started using the bucket which has wheels. No back pain and no heavy loads of water to carry.

I am so thankful that I invested and shelled out some money on this wet and dry mop solution. I am sure a lot of housewives still do the pocha style and do not use a mop. I was wary as well. It is a mindset as well as most of us have grown up seeing our moms or maids in our house using the duster cloth to wipe the floor clean and that too by sitting on the floor with their knees bent down. It feels as if  the floor is much cleaner as you are using the muscle power rather than  just standing and using the mop.

I can tell you that it is just a mindset and a mental block. After using the mop I am so happy and even I have told my maid to use the same. She is happier as it is definitely less effort and less challenging for her back.

I bought the Gala.. It is a wonderful product and it works like a charm. The best part is that you do not require to squeeze the water out and also no lugging of the bucket. The wheels are a breeze. If you are willing to listen to me then I must urge to buy this as it helps relieve your back pain and also the hassles of the old style mopping.

The fact is that you buy a dry mop as well however I am not sure that in Indian houses it will work well. There is so much dust and grime that you would need to have the wet mop get those dust particles.

The set I bought had a spinner/squeezer on side and there is a big bucket which holds the dirty water. Your thinking is right that you still have to get the clean water. I normally use the clean water in the same bucket and after two or three squeezes i.e approximately cleaning up one room . Gala has also come up with a stainless steel one and also oen where it has two buckets or you could call it as a partition where clean water and dirty water are in separate partitions. That is good but for me this works.

Brands worth a look..

There are other brands as well that you can buy which are Easy magic floor mop



A To Z

Scotch Brite

I love Scotch Brite as a brand as they have the some of the best utility products and cleaning accessories for a homemaker like me. But in this case I am sure Gala wins hands down just due to the price differential.

Here are some the features that you should compare when you buy this

Quality of the rod  – There are challenges with rod which carries the refill mophead as normally you will apply pressure on this only  and in some cases it may just so happen that the rod will break. Also the angle at which you hold and apply the pressure can break this. Mine has been holding steady for the last one year.

Clean water vs. dirty water – For most of these there is no separate buckets for clean and dirty water. It is assumed that the you will use the clean water initially and after some time drain out the water in the bucket I normally use the same water for mopping one room and then empty out the bucket and refill for the next room.

Capacity of the bucket

Construction quality – gala has both the plastic ones and the stainless steel ones. The Socth brite is plastic but I am sure that it has good plastic quality as I have used their other products and can vouch for that.

Microfiber refills – There are two things that you need to check. One is the quality of the microfiber refills and the second is the shape. Gala gives only one shape i.e. round with a 360 degree spin however Scotch brite has round and flat one.

Space constraints – If you have space constraints then Scotch Brite one is better as it has the a round shape and takes less space. The Gala takes a bit more space it has wringer on one side and dirty water space on the other side.

Water Drainage – In some cases this can be a challenge as well and hence it is wise to be select based on your needs. Some have a drain near the bottom of the bucket such that you just open that the water drains out. In some cases you will have to tilt the bucket such that the water gets out. The gala which I have has only a special cone at the mouth of the bucket for easy running of water. But in some cases and heavy usage you may need to have the drainage system at the bottom and helps in case you do not want to bend and tilt the bucket every time.


Tips for a cleaning the vitrified tiles

Typically vitrified tiles are the best type of tiles that can be used as they are machine made and are typically made to be scratch proof and stain proof. They have undergone a process called as vitrification whereby the raw mixture of clay and silica is heated up at high temperatures and then cooled. That way it becomes easy to have nice gloss to it and in addition it is less porous.

They can be made into glossy and other artwork designs. You can get a glass like finish as well as some Italian style finish. That swayed it for me and I have some stylish things designs on the vitrified tiles in my home. The only thing that I need to do is to make sure that I always clean those vitrified tiles.


cleaning vitrified tiles

Now on how to clean these vitrified tiles


  • Use regular water and a mop to clean the tiles. It is sum similar to what we do with our standard ceramic tiles or the marble flooring. Water and mop would do. Nowadays a lot of options have come into the market where in you can buy things like a Gala …. . You can also smply use the bucket and a hand mop like good old days.
  • You can also nowadays use the solutions like the Lizol, Oxyclean etc into the water to give more sparkle and keep the floor germ free. Oxyclean is hydrogen peroxide and is better than most cleaners.
  • I normally take care not to use the acid etc on these tiles. A lot of people try to use Harpic once in a while to clean these tiles but that is not correct as that can be very very strong acid for the tiles. There is a also a challenge that the grouting that is done can come out and it will have to be redone else it will loosen the tile and a lot of times the water starts to seep in via the grout.
  • If there is a scratch then do not use and sorts of hard stuff like meshed wire scrubber to remove it. Use soft cloth to remove it.
  • Also you can apply a paste of baking soda and water. Apply for 15 minutes and scrub the area with a toothbrush. Then rinse the affected area and dry with cloth. It should do the trick.
  • Always use a door mat and bathroom door mat such that people do not get dust into the house. As this dust normally leaves scratches onto the floor. That said it is always recommend especially in Indian homes to leave the shoes outside though in North India I do not see that happening.
  • Do not use soapy water as the soap leaves a sort of residue and a film on the tile.
  • You can also wash with vinegar and water. It will leave shine as well it will help in removing the residue left when you would have washed it water soapy water.



A typical day for an Indian Homemaker

I am home maker and have two kids and a husband to take care of. Those who are home makers will vouch for the fact that it not less of work by any means than what people in office do. To be honest, I am sometimes feel that it is more work as you need be on top of things without any major reminders or computers and smart phones for help.

My typical day always starts with getting the kids ready for school including the lunch boxes for them. Nowadays schools also have their own menu i.e. what to give to kids and what not to give to the kids. This is good as you do not have to think what to make but more work than our times when we were in school. My mother always used to pack paranthas and subzi all six school days a week. That was what the other kids in the school also used to bring. Things have changed for good. My kids get sandwich one day, besan chilla the other day, oats burger for the next day, fourth day is for parantha and Friday is the day when they get junk food like Maggi etc. Back to where I started, post sending kids to school and husband to work, the house maid arrives .. Well do not get me started on that (they are expensive, have mood swings and take leaves as and when they want plus they have the mandatory Diwali bonus  ).

These house maids I tell you will never clean the house unless you are keeping an eye on them. Well Thank God at least they come. All hell breaks loose if they do not arrive with all jhaadu pocha to be done by the me .. the homemaker.
For the uninitiated the jhaadu pocha is something of a hindi lingo. I am not sure what is called in Bengali or Marathi or Tamil. Simply translated in English it is called as Jhaadu is the Broom and Pocha means wipe. So pocha actually a square cloth which you dip in water , squeeze and wipe the floor clean with it. Ahhh yes it is the Mop. But I am sure people in US will never think of mop as what we have in India. Well I have bought myself something which is good and easy to use. It is the mop and the bucket solution which helps me in those days when the Kaam Wali bai is on unplanned leaves (there are many hugh..)

Anyways back to topic the day trudges along with 90 minutes of gym session. I like that as it rejuvenates me as well it is my catch up time with friends. I usually spend some extra 20 minutes talking to those friends post the gym sessions. By noon it is back to cooking lunch for kids, getting the laundry in. Thank God I invested in a fully automatic washing machine and that too top loading as opposed to front loading. More on that later in some other post.


Broom stick india

By 2.30 it is time for getting ready for going to bust stop so that I am there well 5-7 minutes before the besu arrives. This is the catch up time with other moms. U know gossip time as well, getting to know the happenings of the society and the apartment complex. The day goes with kids in a number of classes till evening. So busy, sending the kids to classes like guitar, skating and swimming. Also, checking their homework, making sure that they also get time to do that etc. It is evening and time for the hubby to come home.. He says he is tired.. but but what about me dear ! No complaints as he definitely helps me for the dinner and also makes sure that he pitches in kids studying and homework completion.

Wait before I finish my rant .. I am sure guys reading this will say that this is all female talk and the girls reading this will say that it is ok or our life or some may say that go and get an job. To be fair, this is the path I chose, I never wanted my kids to be neglected and in the hands of 24 hour maids. Myself and hubby discussed it several times and I was given the freedom of having a career or taking care of home and I chose the latter without hesitation.



Best OTG Oven in India 2016 Cakes and Pizzas at home with My Oven Toaster Grill

Before I can even start writing about my experience of buying an OTG I can tell you I never knew it was the shortened form Oven Toaster Grillers. Getting to know the full form made a lot of us as to what it can achieve. I will be very honest in telling you that for the most part when I was in Chennai where my two kids were in their initial years. We stayed in Chennai for five years. In those five years my kids grew up with ages being 8 and 4. They both love eating pizzas. Each week I must have spent Rs 1000 easily to get Domino’s or Pizza Hut via home delivery. That means I would have spent easily spent Rs 52000 each year on pizzas alone. That is an insane amount of money. My husband got transferred to Gurgaon where we had our own flat. And that is where realized while interacting with other mothers in the apartment complex that everyone was using an OTG to bake cakes, cookies and make pizzas.

For a 18 litre Morphy Richards Oven Toaster Grill the price which I quickly checked was about Rs 4600 online to Rs 4900 in the Croma retail store.  However that said I made my purchase online. The thing arrived in two days and it has been fun ever since and a lot of savings.

Apologies however I did not find anything on Flipkart. maybe they were out of stock when I searched.


Best Brands In the Market

I had bought Morphy Richards however there are a lot brands which are there. In fact, online I see a lotmany options that I am not seeing in the retail stores. Most of the retail stores had Morphy Richards or Bajaj. None of the store that I visited had Prestige, Havells, Panasonic .

So here is the list of Brands in which this great oven toaster is available

Morphy Richards – Best availability

Bajaj – Easy availability

Prestige – Not seen much in retail at the moment

Havells – Not seen in the retail stores

Sunflame – Not seen

Usha – I have seen in some places but not very many

Kenwood – I did not even this existed

Inalsa – I always knew that this as a food processor brand but never heard of their OTG nor seen in retail stores.

Panasonic – Japanese firm however I was not aware of them into this category of product and did not see them in any big retail stores.


OTG Oven vs. Microwave Grill Oven vs. Microwave Convection oven

This is something you should be aware of before you buy.  This will help you make an informed decision. I bought my microwave without any major research and I repent that. Simple reason I could have bought one which I could have used for a lot more purposes than just reheating the food items. Money wasted and lesson learnt.

So here is the table that can explain the difference to help you not make the same mistake as I did on the basics.

Whether to buy OTG Oven vs Microwave Convection Oven vs Microwave Grill Oven

 OTG OvenMicrowave Convection OvenMicrowave Grill Oven
Can You cook foodNoYesYes
Can You reheat foodYes, partially if there is a food warming optionYesYes
BakeYesYesYes but chances are that it will not come out that great
Use of Aluminum PansYesYesNo
Rotiessiere FunctionYesNoNo
How food is heatedDirectly by heating rodsNo direct heating uses radio waves to generate friction in molecules within foodNo direct heating uses radio waves to generate friction in molecules within food
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Note: That in a microwave with convection you can only keep the aluminum pans if the mode is convection . In the microwave mode you will need to keep only microwave safe bowls etc.

In OTG you can keep the aluminum pan, aluminum foil, silicon and also some kind of ceramics. Also I use the aluminum foil a lot as the base for the baking tray. That way it is easy to use. Before placing anything on the baking tray just keep a sheet of aluminum foil.

Before you buy here are the features of the OTG oven and I think they are the ones that make it a great product.

Bajaj Majesty 1603 TSS Oven Toaster Grill
List Price: INR 3,999.00
You Save: INR 484.00
Price Disclaimer

I am a proud owner of the Morphy Richards OTG and the main features of the Morphy Richards are :

Timer – You can set the timer for up to 60 minutes

Temperature Setting – You can set up the temperature to anywhere between up to 250 degrees C

Heating Element – This is controlled via a function control knob. It has four setting namely Bake, Grill, Rotisserie & Toast

In the bake setting the lower element will turn on and you can see that it is turn hot red and glow. However I learnt the hard way that usually for baking cakes it is better to have both the rods on just to make sure that the cake is baked properly with a nice crust at the top.

In the grill setting it is the upper element which will turn on and glow. This is typically meant for giving a nice golden brown top on any of the food items like breads and buns.

In the toast setting it is both the elements which will be turned on. You can see through the glass that both the upper and the lower elements are glowing. This is something similar to how you toast your bread in a regular toaster.

In the rotisserie function the upper element will turn on and glow. Plus there is a rod called the rotisserie rod which will start its circular motion.

This one also has a keep warm function, which would mean that you can actually set the temperature to a minimum and also you can set the timer knob at a position which is a keep warm function. That is a very good if you want to keep your food warm. I have already used it a number of time since I bought the OTG.

I am sure there are similar kind of features in other brands of OTG’s .

The big buying decision – Size

There are a variety of size options available

I bought a 18 litre one. I have seen the options lesser than that i.e. OTG oven with a 16 litre option. Below that would be too small to bake any meaningful thing however if you do not have much space then go for an even lower option.

There are bigger sizes than the 18 liter one which is 24 litres, 28 litres, 35 ltrs and 40 ltrs. The 28 and 40 ltrs are useful when you are thinking of baking bigger cakes and making big items in terms of size and servings. For two kids when I am making a pizza my 18 litre on is good. I can easily put in the standard pizza base which you get form the market. That is really what I wanted and hence the choice. It will also depend on what size. Mostly it will be a 1 kg cake and for that size anything above 24 ltrs is good.

In my view the ideal is 24 litres or 28 litres but may depend on the kitchen slab size etc.

I just checked the site for MorphyRichards and they have listed sizes starting from

7 ltrs, 9 ltrs,16 ltrs, 18ltrs, 24 ltrs, 28ltrs,36ltrs,40ltrs,52ltrs and 60ltrs. The price of 7litres one is Rs 3200 and the highest one that is 60 litres is about 14000. The standard one which is 28litres is 7800 .


What can you cook in this amazing appliance

It is absolutely fantastic for making pizzas. Cakes, cookies and much much more..

Instructions manual with the OTG

The instruction manuals with the OTG is Ok however I think you will learn a lot of doing things yourself and see the difference in what is written and what your actual experience is. For example preheating the oven yourself is something that you will need to do to make sure that the cake and the cookies get made properly. I will describe that in my next post.

Also wire rack and baking tray position will impact how the things will come out. Wait for my next post on the same.

For baking you will need to make sure that you bake using proper baking supplies and I can tell you that it will be a lot better with all the supplies. I have bought some but I am also planning to buy a lot of other fancy baking items. I will write a post on that as well when I have the stuff bought.

In nutshell I would suggest that you would have to take a decision based on your needs and the experiences as well. It has been years since I baked a cake however after buying the OTG oven I have baked the cake thrice in the first two weeks.

So, what are you waiting for , go ahead and just buy this. I am sure you will not repent it..