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At a time when today’s technology has perfected the best electric shaver for sensitive skin for men, there is the nagging question: What brand to choose? For instance, there are many men who still use a manual razor because they have very sensitive skin, and need to care for it with special pre and post-saving lotions that are part and parcel with manual shaving. However, the good news is men sensitive skin can now take advantage of electric shaver systems that provide nick free smoother shaves without any special lotions to ease the pain and irritation.

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Another aspect of shaving with new high-tech electric shavers is linked to the absence of any burning during the save. Men with sensitive skin often comment online about having to deal with their face being cut, nicked or irritated after using traditional manual electric razors. Those worries are now a thing of the past with new models from Philips, Panasonic and Braun, say men who rate best electric shavers online. For instance, each of these manufacturers have devoted lots of research time to try and perfect electric shaving experience for sensitive skins.

Philips Norelco 1280X/ 42 SensoTouch 3d review

When the popular men’s and women are electric shaver manufacturer Philips Norelco introduced its 1280X/ 42 SensoTouch 3d model, the response was “awesome,” say longtime electric shaver fans. In fact, there are numerous consumer testimonials online at the Philips Norelco 1280X/ 42 SensoTouch 3d website that heralds this high-tech saving system as “perfect for all types of sensitive skin.” People can use the shaver for both wet and dry shaving; while Philips Norelco states that this new model offers the “quickest shaving time” without any facial irritation.

The manufacturer also states that this is made possible with a revolutionary rotary shaving system that was specially designed and developed to focus on the challenging sensitive neck and chin areas that usually are challenging for men with skin that tends to nick easily during electric or manual shaves.

Moreover, 1280X/ 42 SensoTouch 3d model has a built-in charging and self-cleaning feature dubbed the “Jet Clean System.” Thus, today’s new electric shaver design takes the hassle out of having to charge and then clean one’s razor.

Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver review

With a brand name like Panasonic, it is little surprise that its new ES-LA93-K Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver features a high-tech built-in miniature electric motor that takes care of troublesome whiskers without any facial pain or nicking. The result is the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 Mens Electric Shaver “leaves the skin as smooth as a baby’s bottom,” commented a happy shaver online. In fact, Panasonic’s electric shaver website states that this model was especially designed to tackle sensitive skin issues for male and females who complain about painful irritation after using traditional manual and electric shavers.

According to the manufacturer, what sets the Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 electric shaving system apart from the competition is a very cool four-blade cutting system that also features an “ultra-vibrating outer foil” that offers really close and smooth shaves. In turn, this high technology electric razor system works wonders on tough beards and hair growth without worries about protecting your ultra-sensitive skin. In other words, this model offers super hair cutting technology matched with the razor’s ability to not nick a hair when operating as intended. For example, this super electric shaver boasts “14,000 cycles per minute,” with its specialized linear motor design that claims to be the “world’s fastest.”

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Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor review

The shaving fans who like the Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor say they enjoy the “Powertouch” system because it literally adapts itself to various skin types. For instance, black men with sensitive skin problems say it is one of the most sensitive electric shavers they have ever tried; while also reporting very little nicks or painful skin irritation after regular use. While Philips Norelco touts is PT730 Powertouch for having all the bells and whistles that anyone would want in an electric shaver designed to protect sensitive skin, this shaver does have the same Jet Clean System in other models that makes shaving that much more convenient and nick free.

At the same time, what seems to set the PT730 Powertouch apart from other sensitive skin electric shavers is the ability to get very close to the skin without pinching or nicking as other powerful models often do when shaving quickly in the morning. Thus, what gives the Powertouch high marks is the “SensoTouch” shaving system that features a sort of internal radar that detects skin trouble, and somehow avoids skin irritation shave after shave.

According to the manufacture, this model is fully guaranteed to please even the most difficult beard with a truly fresh feeling shave delivered each and every time without nicks or skin problems afterwards. In fact, the Powertouch gets its name from the powerful razor motor that more or less makes a shave almost automatic with true precision each and every shave.

Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System, Black and Silver review

While this Braun Series 7 electric shaver is viewed as being a best seller due to its cool design and reasonable pricing, what really makes this shaver stand out is true shaving with that clean and fresh feel without painful irritation. In fact, Braun has earned “best electric shaver” honors in recent years for perfecting the “pulsonic” shaving system that is completely waterproof and reliable. Testimonials from longtime shavers online point to the Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System, Black and Silver as the “gold standard” for power and skin protection in a modern electric shaver.

At the same time, the Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System, Black and Silver features an outstanding design that includes:

  • – Triple action cutting system that shaves sensitive “progressively closer” without nicking.
  • – A powerful contour shaving head that can move around the chin and jaw line without cutting or leaving the skin irritated.
  • – The shaver cleans itself with a one touch button that also charges and lubes the shaver heads for a clean and ready shave each and every time.
  • – It can charge in just five minutes.
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In general, Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System, Black and Silver also features the companies “Optifoil” close shave feature that combined with all the model’s other bells and whistles makes this a very pleasant shaving experience.

Top rated razor for sensitive skin review

When it comes to what is the top rated electric razor for sensitive skin today, the jury is still out based on the aggressive branding and marketing campaigns waged by the top manufactures of these high-tech electric razors. While the Philips Norelco 1280X/ 42 SensoTouch 3d, Panasonic ES-LA93-K Arc 4 Men’s Electric Shaver, Philips Norelco PT730 Powertouch Electric Razor and Braun Series 5 550cc Shaver System, Black and Silver are standouts and rated as the tops with both customers and consumer reporting groups, the one other electric shaver that seems to stand out is the Braun 5 Series 550CC model because it offers many of the same features as its competition, but simply costs less.

At the same time, Braun Series 5 550cc features the popular “ActiveLift” feature to help capture those troublesome flat-lying hairs that tend to pinch after the razor hits it for resulting skin irritation and painful skin bumps. This shaver is also all about precision with its traditional shaving head offering what the manufacturer calls “the close shave you expect from the reliable Braun shaver brand.” Still, there is a view from many longtime shavers that it is best to test drive a new electric razor to determine if it works for you.

Moreover, the Braun Series 5 550cc is credited with being not only affordable, but having the ever popular contour adaptive shaving head that can easily adapt to any shaving situation. For example, a couple said that both the male face and the female legs they shaved with a Braun Series 5 550cc experienced “no skin irritation whatsoever” after regular use. The husband went on to explain that he linked this model because “it was powerful,” while his wife enjoying “its lightweight” and built-in cleaning system.

The Braun Series 5 550cc has many other great features that include:

  • – A triple action cutting system that seems to shave progressively closer when the user directs it.
  • – The famed Braun “OptiFoil” feature that guarantees a really close shave with no skin irritation.
  • – It can charge in just five minute, while being fully washable.
  • – The models’ precision trimmer never seems to nick or grab hold of the skin.
  • – It weighs only a pound, and thus makes it ideal for all types of shavers who want quick action shaves without a lot of weight to push around.

Overall, the view that the best electric shaver for sensitive skin for men has arrived is true, with the customer having to make the tough decision about what model to choose.

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